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    Our approach is to listen & design the room you have always dreamed of.

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    We will work closely with you to produce unique beautiful window treatments that fits your personal style.
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Our Commitment.

We take great pride in our ability to provide personalized interior design services to a range of South Florida clients. Whether you are considering completely redecorating your home, or are giving your home a mini makeover, we can help you translate your vision into reality.

Exceptional Design Process


We can create a space that is a reflection of your own unique style. It’s okay not to know exactly what you want or how to verbalize it – it is our job to bring your dream to reality. We will work together to uncover a vision that will meet your needs and excite your senses. Discovering what makes you tick is extremely important to us. At the same time, we’re conscious and respectful of your personal space and your desire for privacy, making sure that while we help, we never intrude.



After researching and discovering we develop ideas and solutions that encompass all of your needs, wants and desires. DCI will capture the essence of your new space.  We create a custom design plan for your home. Based on a combination of what we have learned from you and your own creativity, we will PRESENT our design concept through the use of photos, floorplans, fabric, paint, flooring samples and other materials we recommend. This presentation will take place at the Design Center or at your home, depending upon the needs of your project. At this point, the design is tweaked and/or approved into a final design plan.



Once you approve the design, furnishings and materials are ordered and all painting, construction and other work is scheduled by our team who is there for you, making sure that all of your needs are met, from answering your questions, to arranging deliveries, to coordinating with our contracting arm through installation & punch list. DCI will execute all of your decisions and is ready to turn your space into your home. We’ll place every design element and see your project through to completion, exceeding your expectations. After all of the planning and hard work, we can’t wait to see your design come to life.

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